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"Got this device last week and I've been using the DASHSMART every day  since, when I drive to work and school which is about 2 hours each day. The rear camera really comes in handy when I'm reverse parking, and the device is really easy to operate which makes me feel even safer about using it. I can easily switch between both cameras and even turn them off while I'm driving. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable while driving! It actually makes driving more fun! Cheap and makes a great addition to any car. Will be buying 2 for my parent's cars." 
- Darren Wong
Queens, NY

Grab your Discounted DASHSMART™ - 2-IN-1 REAR VIEW MIRROR DASHCAM while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 200 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $179.95 USD.

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You gotta stay safe while you’re on the road.

And in modern times, it’s almost impossible not to.

Considering how amazing technology is today, you really do have everything you need to ensure your family’s safety and security at all times.

Take this interesting device, for example.

This here is the DASHSMART, a 2 in 1 rear view mirror and dash cam that is guaranteed to make you feel much safer every time you step into your vehicle.

The DASHSMART is designed to fit over your original rearview mirror and enhance its abilities while simultaneously allowing you to switch between the two hidden cameras.

Yes, there are 2 hidden cameras.

The first camera is built into the actual DASHSMART that attaches to your rearview mirror. This camera will constantly record everything that’s going on in the front of your car in HD footage.

The second camera can be placed anywhere on your vehicle but it is typically attached onto the rear so that you can capture footage of what is going on behind you at all times.

The amazing about the DASHSMART is its ability to act as both a rearview mirror and a dash cam.

Use it as a rearview mirror when you need to. But, don’t forget that at a push of button you can get a crystal clear image of whatever those 2 cameras happen to be recording.

The DASHSMART is also really easy to use so you can quickly switch between those two cameras whenever you need to take a peek.

The motion detection system programs the cameras to begin recording the second something comes near.

And with the unlimited footage, you can be sure that you’ll capture everything no matter what happens to you.

Once you receive your Dashsmart Cam, you’ll notice these

  • The DASHSMART is specifically designed to fit nicely over your rearview mirror so you always have easy access to the controls no matter what.

  • 2 hidden cameras that are constantly recording crystal clear and picture perfect HD footage all day long.

  • The motion detection system programs each camera to automatically turn on and start recording the second it senses someone or something is near. With this, no one will get away with anything!

  • The constant recording not only ensures your safety but it will also come in handy in the unfortunate event that you get into an accident.

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