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MagicFix™ - Car Scratch Repair Pen!

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"Got this as a gift from a friend of mine after she'd been ranting and raving about its performance and I have to say it has truly lived up to the expectations. I'm always finding little scratches on my car and it infuriates me every single time. However, now that I have this I can quickly fill them in and watch them disappear. I can't believe how well it works but I also can't believe that I've lived this long without it! This is certainly a must-have and I'd recomment it to everyone with a vehicle."
- Richard Moore
Wichita Falls, TX

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Keep your precious car in pristine condition with this fabulous miracle worker! Specifically designed to maintain your hot ride's shine and flare, this spectacular product is truly a must-have for drivers everywhere.

Allow us to introduce the Magic Fix, an extraordinary product that allows you to cover up those ugly scratches and scrapes on your car. Accidents happen, and sometimes you end up getting a few unsightly damages. Fortunately, with this you can wipe them all away almost instantly.

Thanks to its remarkable formula, the Magic Fix is full of a magical substance that not only fills in scratches, but it's also non-toxic, permanent, odorless, and 100% water resistant.

Once you receive your order, you'll find that using it is a breeze. All you have to do is shake it up a bit then remove the cap. Once uncapped, simply press the tip onto a hard surface until the formula is released.

Then begin to color in those harsh scratches and watch as they quickly fill in, making your car look good as new! You'll instantly notice just how quickly those light scratches disappear right before your very eyes.

If you happen to have a few deep scratches, simply apply a few more coats to fill it in completely. When you're finished, you can wipe away the excess with a paper towel and allow everything to dry.

The Magic Fix is an absolutely outstanding product that is proven to transform your car into something that looks like it just came off the lot. A definite miracle worker, there is no reason not to add this to your glove box. And thanks to its compact size, traveling is a breeze!

Get your own Magic Fix pen now and reap the enormous rewards tomorrow!

Once you receive your MagicFix, you’ll notice these

  • An incredibly innovative product that is guaranteed to remove any kind of scratch, scrape, scar, and abrasion that happens to get onto your precious vehicle.

  • Made with a special formula that works like magic. It goes on clear and is proven to dry within just a few hours, it's practically invisible!

  • Thanks to its pen-like design, this extremely helpful product is also super convenient. Keep it in your glove-box or even hold it in your purse, it takes up a tiny bit of space is brings enormous benefits.

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

Awesome product!

Bought this to have on hand for our mustang

Bought this to have on hand for our mustang. Only have used on very light scratches thus far. Hubby loves it and will keep this on hand!!

Works pretty much as advertised.

I have a new black car but had a scratch about 3 inches long. I'm a little distressed and hate it. Bought the scratch repair tools, hoping I could get rid of the scratch. I washed the car body with foam cannon and towel, let it dry. Then I tried these products. I was happy and satisfied. Used it in a red and a white car and in the all 2 colors works amazing! It's a great product I will be using for future car scratches issues.

Good Results on lights scratches

this product works great. the scratches is completely gone! thank you!!! the seller prompts not to use for deep scratches, I tried and found that the deeper scratches although still visible, did appear less severe. overall i'm satisfied. follow them.

Magical scratch removers

I put the car body compound on the scratches and rubbed with the sponge they provide for 2.5 minutes and to my amazement the shallow scratch disappeared. I wiped the residue with a soft towel, brought back the shine it had before and made it good as new. The effect is great!!! A magical product..

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