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BlackMask™ - Deep Cleansing Blackhead Remover!

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"I LOVE this mask. I am highly allergic to so many skin care products. I was hesitant to give this one a try but I really struggle with blackheads. I have used this one several times now and it is like painting on an all over biori strip to your face. You simply paint it all over your face, wait for it to dry and peel it off. It leaves your face feeling as smooth as a baby's butt and helps pull the blackheads out of your nose and face. I can not believe what a great job it does and am so relieved to know that it is a product that I can use and that won't break me out. I would recommend this to anyone that wants smooth skin and that needs help with blackheads. This is a great product and it will remain in my skin care regime forever. This is a two thumbs up product for sure!!"
- Debra C. Rose
Waterbury, CT

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Are you suffering from pesky little black heads?

You know what we mean. We’re talking about those disgusting black things that stick out of your nose.

If you’ve got them, you know how annoying and embarrassing they can be.

Luckily for you, we just got a hold of the BlackMask, a brand new black head remover that is guaranteed to vaporize your black heads almost instantly.

The BlackMask is a specially formulated paste that is rich in minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Once applied onto your problem areas (nose, chin, & forehead) and let to dry, you can peal it off and reap the incredible rewards that it leaves behind.

Made with premier-quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties quickly suck out the disgusting oils that are lurking beneath your skin.

With just one session you can immediately see and feel the purifying and life changing results.

After you receive your order, readily apply the mask and allow it to dry for about 20 minutes.

Then begin to peal the mask off in a downward motion. This way you’re able to effectively remove every last one of your black heads and leave none of them behind.

You also won’t have to worry about any redness or irritation.

The mask’s powerful antioxidants not only shrink the appearance of pores and firm the skin but they also reduce all inflammation.

Get your own BlackMask and begin tackling your black heads today.

Once you receive your BlackMask, you’ll notice these

  • An effective mask that immediately removes those aggravating black heads directly from your pores, giving you smooth and beautiful skin almost instantly.

  • Powerful antioxidants provide numerous benefits, including the reduction of any redness and irritation.

  • The masks deep cleansing properties not only vaporizes black heads but it's also guaranteed to leave your skin glowing and looking much brighter than ever before.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      I was so happy with the results that I recommended the blackhead remover ...

      I was so happy with the results that I recommended the blackhead remover to my friends! This is a quality product.

      Very nice mask, easy to use & remove

      ~This is a really nice black mask. I was afraid to try it after seeing some videos. This one goes on smooth and dries fast and does not look like you are pulling rubber cement off your face.

      Soft and Healthy Skin

      The purifying mask left my face extremely soft. It has little to no smell. It is very thick liquid. It washed off easily from my fingers with soap and water without leaving a residue. The bottle did not have much details on how thick to apply it. I originally had a thin layer but I was not able to pull it off. It washed off without any problems with soap and water. I tried it again with a thicker layer. I left it on for 20 minutes. Once I found an area to lift up, I was able to pull off large pieces at a time. There was minimal discomfort during the removal process. It is pulling your skin, removing blackheads, and some hair may be removed also. I even allowed my pre-teens to apply the mask. They laughed more at their skin being pulled in different directions compared to focusing on the minimal discomfort. We all have very sensitive skin and none of us showed any signs of irritation or redness. The directions online advise that it can be used daily. I would definitely use the mask daily to keep my face and complexion healthy.

      but I am willing to try anything that is good for my skin and keeps it healthy

      I am not a huge fan of peel off facial masks but I am willing to try anything that is good for my skin and keeps it healthy. To test it out, I only placed the mask on part of my face. Even hours after removing the mask, there was a noticeable difference between the 2 sides of my face. To the touch, the side I had the mask on, was much smoother and tighter feeling. The product states it is safe for everyday use but because I have very sensitive skin, I plan on using it just a couple times a week. I am pleased with this particular face mask.

      This stuff is great. I travel all the times for work to ...

      This stuff is great. I travel all the times for work to different climates and my skin breaks out a lot. THis is great because it meets the carry on size limits and also helps keep my skin on point when I am on the road. I am also prone to blackheads and I don't have nearly as many since I started using this stuff. You get quite a bit for the price of the item as well so its a great value. skin saver.

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