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SnoreSolution™ - The 100% Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

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"I have to admit I did not think I'd like sleeping in a chin strap but have been doing so for a few days now and it's quite comfortable! It's surprisingly not hot while I sleep. There are ear openings, and since I do not remove my earrings are great and they don't get caught or snag. I can adjust at the top of my head. And it doesn't come undone when I sleep and toss and turn. It's also a nylon that's comfortable. The chin strap places my jaw in alignment so that my esophagus stays open preventing snoring (so says my husband- thank you) and I awake rested instead of tired. A bonus for me is that my teeth grinding has stopped and I don't need my mouth guard anymore. It's actually quite comforting to wear kind of like hugs my face. Great item!"
- Amanda N. Bates
Cincinnati, OH

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Do you have a snoring problem?

How often do you hear complaints about your horrid snoring?

Surely, you’re a moral and considerate person, and would never want to disrupt anyone’s sleep, RIGHT?

So, if given the chance to cure this snoring, wouldn’t you take it?

If you would take this chance, allow us to introduce you to a brand new device that is guaranteed to cure your snoring almost instantly.

This here is the SnoreSolution™

A high-quality, neoprene, anti-snore chin strap that has been proven to not only get rid of your reckless snores but also improve your OVERALL quality of sleep.

Once you put this thing on, you’ll also be helping your loved ones who happen to be in the vicinity.

You know they deserve a good nights sleep.

Luckily for you, this chinstrap is one size fits all.

The adjustable and flexible material allows this strap to conform and adapt to your head shape, making for a perfectly unique and comfortable ONE-to-ONE fit. 

This is easily the simplest solution to frequent and bothersome snoring.

Simply strap this thing on when you’re just about to lay down for bed and voila.

You along with everyone else in the house will finally experience that nice deep sleep that you so desperately need.

Once you receive your Snoring Chin Strap, you’ll notice these

  • One of the simplest and most effective cures for that wretched snoring. Simply strap on the SnoreSolution and reap the miraculous rewards of a good nights sleep.

  • Completely adjustable and flexible, ensuring you a perfect one to one fit that will comfortably sit on your head while you sleep through the night.

  • Made with a high-quality neoprene that is completely breathable, guaranteeing you effective performance and supreme comfort every single time.



Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Great product

I tried the My Snoring Solution last night and I was quite surprised at how comfortable it is to sleep in. I frequently snore through the night and will wake up often with a dry mouth and itchy throat. This product solved both of these issues for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who snores!

I've bought these 2 times and they do the job ...

I've bought these 2 times and they do the job. Just make sure to press down on the whole sticker so all of the sticker is in contact with the plastic. Otherwise, this sticker or any sticker could peel at the corner and stick to another product. But since this one is a little bigger, it sticks well and doesn't seem to peel off.

I use a C-Pap at night but have been having ...

I use a C-Pap at night but have been having issues with dry mouth . I ordered the sleepaid , it has stop my dry mouth when using my C-Pap. Before I a wake 4 / 5 times a night just to drink water, now I wake one time to go to the bathroom out of 8 / 9 hours of sleep.


If you concern about itchiness, try wearing cotton snood or large head band under this. I have a kind of sensitive skin but no trouble with doing like that. And this product seems working as I don't receive any complain from my husband so far :)

Best Fitting

After several tries, this mask actually fits and stays in place all night. Those single strap choices don't work for me. And the price is right.

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