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AlcoTester™ - Mini Portable Digital Key Chain Alcohol Detector!

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"If you enjoy drinking alcohol but still want to drive safely like I do, then do yourself a favour and get one of these! I got this as a gift from a buddy of mine and thought it was a gag. Little did I know this thing actually works. Since realizing, I've been using this consistently every single time I go out for drinks with my mates. I even pass it around the others at the bar and it seems to be accurate and effective. I had no clue something like this existed, but I'm glad I have it now. Seriously, get one of these! You never know who's life you will save."
- Terri Barbour
San Francisco, CA

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 Have you heard of the horrifying number of deaths caused by drunk driving ever day?

If you have, you must want to help in any way you possibly can.

And luckily for you, the AlcoTester is a brand new device that allows you to test your very own BAC at all hours of the day.

Attach it to your keychain and keep it on. And on the rare occasion that you have a drink, you can quickly see if you're safe for the road and avoid disasterous consequences.

Its sleek and compact design makes it so easy to carry that you almost forget you have it.

And although this extraordinary device is small, it certainly provides you with enormous benefits.

So not only is traveling with this a breeze, but it's also super easy to use.

All you have to do is hold the power button until you see the green blinking light.

Once on, gently blow directly into the receiver to quickly discover your BAC levels with extraordinary accuracy.

The AlcoTester consistently gets your BAC level within 0.01% of your actual levels, which is nearly perfect!

Each of the numbers are bright, clear, and easy to read so you always know just how well you're able to drive no matter what.

This device is made entirely of a hard ABS plastic, ensuring you a durable product that's bound to last you a lifetime.

 So the next time you're out with your lovely pals and you're kicking back and having a blast, just remember that you have this life-saver sitting right in your pocket.

Think about it, why risk a life? Get yourself an AlcoTester now and you just might save a few lives.

Once you receive your AlcoTester, you’ll notice these

  • An outrageously accurate pocket breathalizer that you can clip onto your keychain and keep with you at all times. In a matter of seconds you can discover your BAC before you hit the road and potentially save a life.

  • Its tight and streamlined design and lightweight construction makes it almost unnoticeable. This incredibly device causes no trouble at all, but it will certainly come in handy.

  • Made with high-quality materials you are guaranteed an extremely long-lasting product. And needing only 2 AA batteries to operate properly, it's super easy to keep this thing juiced up and ready to go.

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