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AlphaDrone™ - World's First Eggshaped Drone!

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"Got this for my son after reading tons of spectacular reviews and it has no disappointed. Working as described, this wireless drone is literally the size of the eggs in my fridge. And with one push it opens up and begins to hover around, catching HD footage with complete ease. We love the additional LED lights because it makes it easy to record videos at night and explore the neighborhood. Overall, this is one great drone and I'm sure we'll be using it more in the future."
- Roy A. Farley
Portland, OR

Grab your Discounted AlphaDrone™ - 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter Foldable Egg-Shape Drone while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $129.95 USD.

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Compact, convenient, and completely user-friendly, this one small gadget is an absolute essential in every home. Specifically designed to provide you with the ability to capture crystal clear footage with incredible ease, this is not something you want to miss out on.

Allow us to introduce you to The Alpha Drone, a brand new drone that is built and molded into an egg-like construction, making it concealable and super easy to carry around.

Unlike most 4k HD drones that are nearly impossible to travel with, you can toss The Alpha Drone in your purse, backpack, or even in your back pocket and take gorgeous pictures and record masterful panoramic videos whenever you please.

Completely wireless, you can send your Alpha Drone over 130 feet into the sky without losing a bit of control. And when you've captured your footage, simply push a key so your drone makes a prompt and safe return into the palm of your hand.

And since it's equipped with premium LED lights, you can plan for lift-off even when the sun's gone down.

Ultra-convenient and unbelievably easy to control, it's easy to see why these are selling out so quickly.

Go out and grab your very own Alpha Drone now because we're letting it go for nearly 50% off!

Once you receive your AlphaDrone, you’ll notice these

  • Incredibly innovative and wildly popular, The Alpha Drone allows you to receive all of the benefits of a professional drone with none of the drawbacks. Its sleek, compact design makes it entirely portable and convenient.

  • Quickly capable of connecting directly to your mobile phone, it has never been easier to control a drone. And with its quadcopter design, it resists winds and flys like no other.

  • Equipped with vibrant LED lights that allow you to take this out in the darkness and still manage to record 4k HD footage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I would recommend using it on grass as it's fragile

A very tiny, lightweight drone copter. Takes some practice to learn the controls, we opted to test it inside first. Make sure the battery is fully charged or it won't fly very well. Hold the little egg in your hand and give it a little fling into the air then start controlling it with the remote. It will zoom about 10-15 feet in the air, and hover. I would recommend using it on grass as it's fragile and crashing hard onto cement will break the delicate blades. Really fun to use on a quiet afternoon.

Brilliant drone!

This quadracopter comes with everything you need to get you started straight out of the box except for the batteries required for the remote.Once you have that down then take it outside.Even on an apparently calm day, when the copter is 50ft to 100ft off the ground, chances are you will encounter some wind which will effect the copter so learning to control it first in a windless environment is a plus.Overall this one is really a little quad but it is a very fun littel quad.

Great little drone.

This is one of the best mini drones I have purchased. I have four total, and I very like this egg-shaped appearance drone. If you have never flown a remote controlled aircraft before, it will require some practice to master the controls. Best advice, is to carefully read the instructions. All of these say indoors or outdoors, which is true. However, if you have never flown before, and want to learn indoors,you should have a very large room with very few obstacles available before you try. This is a lot of fun, and learning indoor provided me with a lot of exercise retrieving it from the many obstacles it had run into. Once you master the controls, you should be able to walk it from room to room in front of you. On the second day, I could fly it down the hallway. One of the best deals for the money in the drone world. I really like this drone so much.

Great fun, great quality Drone

The RC Quadcter Drove with camera is Super fun and great smooth flyer. I love how you can control this drone with your smart phone. It's portable and just so much fun! It folds away for easy storage and for safety to ensure it doesn't break. The seller also great shipping had no problems what so ever. I recommend this drone to everyone that wants to have a drone on the go and have fun!!!

Love this drone! So cool!

What a great little machine, this drone is so cool, the kids in my family love it. Whoever designed this drone is great at what they do, the fact that it can fold in its wings are awesome, it helps when traveling. The drone is smaller than I expected but it is a good size and It makes it cute. It flies really good, it is really stable and even if it is off a bit you can adjust it to work great. It's motors are really strong, this thing can move really fast, it was best for me to start on the slower mode. The flip is really cool and easy to do, it takes a bit of practice to control it after a flip. The control is nice and small, once you read and understand the instructions it wont be a problem for you to learn how to use it. It is cool how it has an instant take off/land button, the camera is a decent quality, you cant expect much from such a small camera but its cool that it has one. I haven't tried the app yet because the remote does a good job but it looks cool in the pictures.

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