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Comfort-U™ – The #1 Bestselling U-Shaped Pillow in the World!

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"I'm very happy that I bought this pillow! It's super comfortable to snuggle up to, and easy to switch sides. I've never been a side sleeper as I never could get comfortable on my side, but I can with this pillow. I was hesitant to spend the money in case it wasn't comfortable for me, but it was well worth it - sleep is important during pregnancy! If you can afford this, it's a no brainer for your health. That said, I can definitely see using this even when not pregnant. My only issue is getting my dog to move, as she likes to snuggle down in the middle too! Thanks Ninja Discounts!"
- Honey A. Wynn
Mililani, HI

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Are you tired of tossing and turning every night? Don’t you just wish you could wake up well rested and satisfied every single morning?

Well then, the Comfort-U is specifically designed to help someone like you who is in desperate need of a good night’s sleep.

 This fantastic pillow is undoubtedly the best of its kind and LOVED all around the world. 

The Comfort-U™ is also created with special materials that are designed to help regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

You know what that means, don’t you?

That means no more tossing and turning, or constantly trying to find the “cool” side of the pillow.

Once you receive your U-Shaped Pillow, you’ll notice these

  • The Comfort-U is an ENORMOUS U-shaped pillow that keeps you from restlessly tossing and turning during your sleep!
  • The super plush cloudlike construction keeps you contained and secure all throughout the long hours of the night.
  • Once you get snuggled in, you will have perfectly aligned your neck, back, and shoulders. This will not only give you a better night's sleep but it will also help improve your posture!
  • The Comfort-U™  is filled with a premium breathable fiber called Fusion Foss. This allows air to flow freely within the pillow, making sure every side is the "cool side."
  • Great for Anti-Apnea, Anti-Static and Anti-Snore!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

After reading the other reviews I really didn't understand how any negativity could come from this pillow. No bed bugs, no it wasn't flat (by far the most fluffiest yet firm pillow ever!) and it has been nothing but a blessing! Im 28 weeks pregnant and my hips, ribs and back are constantly in pain.. but after a few nights sleep with my new pillow I get a full 9-10 hours of sleep (not counting the times to go potty), and I could also sit on my couch pain free with it too! My husband wants me to get him one too after taking a nap with it. I didn't even sleep this well when I wasnt pregnant! I'm also 5'8 and the height is a perfect fit for my body! Very, very happy customer and more than satisfied!

Not pregnant, still comfortable.

I'm not pregnant. I bought this pillow because I loved the sound of it. Best purchase I've ever made! It takes up most of my queen sized bed so it's like having a bed made of pillows. It's so comfortable! I have recommended it to everyone. My only complaint would be that the top of the pillow could be fluffier. I still have to keep a pillow underneath. That's hardly a problem, though. I'm so glad I bought this pillow!!

He loved it, so I got him one

My husband has lung cancer and had tried the one my daughter has, she is pregnant. He loved it, so I got him one. He has started to sleep better and is therefore in better spirits the next day. It has also helped with his snoring. I would recommend this for multiple reasons.

Cloud 10

Bought this for a friend. She loves it!

Amazing Pillow! Wish I would have had last pregnancy!

This pillow is wonderful. I am 5' 3" and it fits me perfectly. My 6' 4" husband doesn't mind it either, neither does my 2 year old! This pillow is amazing. I was having severe hip pain and low back pain. In general I just wasn't sleeping well around the end of my second trimester. I went through reviews and decided for the price this looked like a great option. It is. I have been sleeping wonderfully and with only 3 weeks left to go I am very satisfied. My hip pain is gone and low back is much better. I sleep with this pillow nightly. My son loves to nap with it and my husband wants one too. We love the pillow and I would suggests

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