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ELFIE™ - Foldable Pocket Drone!

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"I've always wanted to own a selfie drone that can take group photos of all my friends/family, but with their typically large size and $300 price point, it has always turned me off. But this little ELFIE drone is perfect! I bought it on sale for $100, and now I can take it with us to the beach & park and I always get the best selfies and aerial shots for my Facebook & Instagram social media accounts. It couldn’t be easier to fly or more fun. Best thing I’ve bought in many years! Thanks Ninja Discounts!"
- Charles E. Velez
Wheeling, WV

Grab your Discounted ELFIE™ - Foldable Pocket Drone! while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 5000 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $249.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 4 per customer!

Have you noticed how popular drones are nowadays?

It seems like EVERYONE is using these things now all while having a great time doing so.

You probably want one yourself; you just don’t want to have to carry that giant thing around with you all the time.

Because let’s be honest, those drones might be cool but you don’t want to have to drag that enormous briefcase thing around, right?

If you’ve always wanted a smaller, more portable drone, today is your lucky day!

ELFIE has recently released its brand new foldable pocket drone and it has been selling like mad. They’ve been flying off our shelves ever since we put them online and it doesn’t seem like things will slow down anytime soon.

Why? We think these are selling so well because of the fact that it is an actual HD drone that is barely bigger than your iPhone.

With this drone, you can literally carry it with you at all times.

Simply place it in your back pocket and pull it out whenever you need to catch that great shot in a matter of minutes.

You will never have that “darn, I wish I had my drone” moment again.

Once you’ve got this thing, you’ll finally have the chance to get a drone up the sky at any and all ours of the day.

This drone was specifically designed to be portable, obviously, but it was also designed to be easily assembled.

All you have to do is pull out the “legs,” attach the blades (propellers) and turn it on. It’s that easy!

Depending on how quickly you can move your hands, you can easily put this drone together and get it up and running in under 2 minutes.

Just imagine the awesome once in lifetime footage you’ll be able to catch with this thing.

The drone is made up of a special durable ABS plastic shell which protects it from any crashes, smashes, and those occasional rough landings.

With this strong and sturdy shell, you can relax knowing that NOTHING can possibly damage your drone’s performance.

Once you order, you’ll also receive a nice cloth baggy to carry your drone.

It’s super soft and durable, you’ll never have to worry about any scratches or abrasions.

Get your pocket drone now and start getting those great actions shots!

Once you receive your ELFIE Drone, you’ll notice these

  • Pocket-Sized - You can carry this thing around as if it were an iPhone. Simply place it in your pocket and go about your day. But always be ready fly!

  • Birds-Eye View - The built-in camera streams live video or photos to your Android or iPhone for those crystal clear and picture perfect action shots.

  • EasyFlight System - The drone is designed to automatically stabilize and refocus, ensuring you the best quality footage every single time.

  • 1-Tap Commands - Your take-offs, returns and landings take just 1 simple click on the app, making flying effortless, even for total beginners.

  • Tough 'n' Rugged - Made from solid ABS thermoplastic, the drone is designed to handle knocks, bumps, and crashes without breaking - more fun, less stress.

  • Max Air Time - The powerful lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable and lets you fly for up to 8 minutes on a single charge.

  • Legal! - Unlike most drones, this one is completely legal. So you can fly this around without ever having to worry about anyone complaining or calling the cops!

  • Fly Far & Wide - SelfieDrone generates its own 2.4ghz Wi-Fi signal letting you operate it from up to 40m away.


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Okay good

I want this item note card cash on delivery

Cool device! Great shipping!

Nice item, fun to play with. Awesome shipping both in time and condition of package. Great price too! Would definitely buy from them again!

Little hard to get used to using your smart phone.

Son likes it, Little hard to get used to using your smart phone.


This quadcopter is just as shown, the foldable arms are very easy to open and close. The app was easy to find I didnt use a scanner as instructions said the app is caller JJRC and was simple to find. Connection from my touch pad to the drone not complicated. It seems a bit big to go in a pant pocket but in a jacket pocket no problem. I didnt charge the battery as I got off work and had to fly it and it got just about 7 min flight RTF so I am guessing it will see that or more on a charged battery. The altitude hold on this is very stable it does not bounce up and down it stays at hight you want it at

The bad - it is for sure not a wind flyer 2-3 mph wind in rate 60 percent is about it I did not try it in the highest rate I would assume in 100 percent it may do a bit better an might be able to fly in a 5 mph wind but I think no wind to 2 mph is what is best for this. The battery connection for any one who has large hands you may have slight issues getting conection snug- smaller hands no issues, I did find using my thumb nail to guide it worked well. And lastly the drone is named ELFIE not SELFIE it is possable to take a selfie with this but it takes a bit of skill as flying towards your self is not easy to do - I didnt buy this for a selfi drone I have a camera I can take selfie's with so no dissapointment .

Great Pocket Drone.......

The JJRC H37 quadcopter by LHI is pretty awesome. Yes, it flies using the app on your cell phone (once downloaded and installed) and I prefer using a transmitter, but for what you get with portability and easy setup and operation, it’s worth the trade-off to use and fly this quadcopter when you need it. #ad

I won’t say this is my daily go to quadcopter, but it has its time and place like everything else. This folds up and is very light weight and makes it very easy to shove in a pocket or bag and carry with you when you leave the house or are going somewhere. This comes with a velvet carrying bag with a drawstring to carry this around with and store all the parts that come with it, which include 4 extra props and the battery charger.

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