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FoodSaver™ - Spill Proof Feeding Toddler Bowl!

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"I have heard a lot about this bowl so I gave it to my niece with some of her favorite cereal in it and see how it held up. She is not the neatest child…..something is always spilling and falling on the floor so I wanted to see how this would work with her. Well, she tried her best but nothing fell out of her bowl. The cheerios stayed intact in her bowl… Believe me, she tried everything…..turning it upside down, spinning it around, turning it over and sideways, but nothing came out! It was amazing! This does exactly what it says it does…..even I tried to spill out the cheerios to no avail. Now I even use it for myself for my snacks so I don’t spill any on the floor… This bowl is definitely something I take with me wherever I is very easy to travel with. It is definitely a fun bowl!"
- Marisol S. Smith
Charlotte, NC

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Once you receive your Food Saver, you’ll notice these

FoodSaver™ is the amazing spill-proof bowl that keeps food in place no matter how much your child spins, turns, dumps or drops the bowl. It's specially designed to spin 360 degrees so that the open side always stays up, keeping the contents in the bowl and off of your floor. FoodSaver™ is completely kid-proof and virtually indestructible. FoodSaver™ is dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze, and comes with a snap on lid for easy storage of leftovers. 

Customer Reviews

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I contacted them and they had amazing customer service

I had originally bought these and had a problem with the suction. For some reason it wasn't sticking to my sons high chair. I contacted them and they had amazing customer service, replying right away. They sent me another package to see if those worked. My sons high hair sadly didn't work with it but the tray has a top tray that goes with it, it clicks into the tray. Luckily the bowl stuck to it! I'm stoked because I was so bummed before and swore it had to be just my high chair that was the problem. Something with the surface. Because the bowls stuck to my glass diner table and the counter top. I wasn't thinking and had clicked in the plastic topper on the tray and the bowls stuck. :) my son can sometimes if he's lucky scoop the bowl off the surface then dump the food but he's been doing great I wanted to give this product and the company a 5 stars because they are great. Thank you again so much for such great customer service!

Cheerios on-the-go!

My 10-month old loved trying to get her Cheerios out of here, Granted, once she got her whole fist in there, the Cheerios came tumbling out...but it kept her entertained for a good 45 minutes!


Love this, and my kids love this. No mess! Amazing product.


TWIN APPROVED!!! This is making snacking on the go so much easier with less spilled food. It will still spill because my sons will keep their fingers in the bowl and tip it, BUT when they use it properly it's the best.


It shipped and arrived promptly, as expected. The quality is good. Spill "resistant". Good buy! My son enjoyed eating while no food is spill on the floor.

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