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LionMane™ - Cute Cat Wig Halloween Dress Up Costume With Ears

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"I just received this as a gift and I can't believe how cute both of my kittens look in these! I've tried other little wigs before but they seemed to cause a bit of discomfort. These, however, seem to be completely comfy and cozy. I did a quick inspection and they seem to be built very well and with some genuine materials. My cats and I are getting a kick out of this wig and I highly recommend it if you're looking for some fun time with your cats!"
- Linda R. Waldron
Billings, MT

Grab your Discounted LionMane™ - Cute Cat Wig Halloween Dress Up With Ears while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on! Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $49.95 USD. 

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Instantly transform your cute kitty into the magnificent and majestic king of the jungle with this marvelous costume. Beautifully designed to near perfection, this is certainly not something that you want to miss.

This is our brand new pet accessory called the Lion Mane. Specifically designed to comfortably sit on your cat's head and turn them into a lovely looking feline, the Lion Mane is truly a sight to see.

Made up entirely of premium quality polyester and genuine fur, this thing is guaranteed to provide you with a cute looking cat for years to come.

Perfect for cosplaying, costume parties, and even for Halloween, we're sure you're going to fall in love with this the moment you slip it over your furry friend's ears.

A beautiful product with stunning designs and truly remarkable and radiant colors, the Lion Mane is proving to be an absolute essential in everyone's collection.

Don't leave your kitty looking dull, boring, and unoriginal. Add some flavor to its look with something glamorous and cute – like the Lion Mane!

Grab your own today so you can experience the cuteness of this unforgettable costume!

Once you receive your LionMane, you’ll notice these

  • A premium quality luxury item that is guaranteed to transform your cat into one of the most glorious animals on the planet. Beautifully designed and made with care, this is truly an iconic product.

  • Made with the finest fabrics materials available, this marvelous costume is durable enough to last a lifetime.

  • Coming in two phenomenal designs, one is incredibly realistic and bound to catch and eye or two, while the other is bright, radiant, and truly sweet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very cute! my cat fits perfectly in this mane

Very cute! my cat fits perfectly in this mane. Since my cat is very lazy, I got him to wear it for a real long time while he was napping. I posted his pictures on instagram and my friends asked me where I got it from

Very satisfied :)

Soo happy with this product! It fit my cat perfectly! The other similar products on Amazon didn't seem worth the money. This one was exactly as described and easy to put on and came out just how I pictured. :) hope this review is helpful!

Just adorable!!!!!

This is sooooo adorable!!! Makes my bengal look like a REAL LIONESS!!! Super cute for Halloween pics of just for fun!!

Absolutely hilarious

I have an orange cat named Simba, so naturally I needed to get him a mane to level him up to Mufasa. Honestly, it's hilarious watching him walk around with this mane, purrusing through his kingdom, but he's definitely bothered by it a bit so I don't keep it on him for long. Still, no regrets in purchasing this hilarious product.

roaring cute

Great! My son loved it and it is a perfect fit. It was a pleasure to do business with such a reputable company. Thank you so much for the communication.

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