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HOOPET™ - Foldable Portable Pet Water Dispenser!

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"Really cute little product, it's made very good and is very compact. It's made of durable plastic and can hook on to a keychain or a belt loop. I really love that it comes with the water bottle which many collapsible portable water bowls do not. I would definitely recommend the product." 
- Randall D

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How many pets do you own?

Do you happen to have any small cats or dogs?

Think about this, how often have you been out with your pet, for example on a car ride or perhaps a simple walk in the park and noticed how thirsty you adorable little dog must be?

It’s a common problem, an epidemic, if you will.

Pet owners constantly take their pets out and forget to realize the fact it needs something to quench its thirst!

This is a terrible thing, and it’s very easy to feel like ANIMAL ABUSE.

Luckily for you, there is a brand new alternative that can potentially save your beloved pets’ life!

Allow us to introduce you to the HOOPET, a portable water dispenser that is specifically designed to allow you to carry around some water, while also provide easy access to your small cat or dog.

How does it work?

Well, during your next walk through the park, be sure to pay attention to your pet. If you notice it’s a little thirsty, simply unfold the tray and give the bottle a slight squeeze.

This tray is designed to act like the bowl of water you keep at home.

As your squeeze the bottle, the plastic tray will begin to collect the pool of water, giving your super cute a put easy access to a nice cold drink. 

It has been carefully constructed so that the water is only released when the tray is open and the bottle is squeezed.

As long as the thing is closed, you will stay nice and dry all day long.

It also has a strong key-chain attachment, which allows for easy carry and concealment

Once you receive your Water Dispenser, you’ll notice these:

  • Strong and high-quality key chain hook, allowing you to carry around your bottle with no hassle at all. Clip it on and have easy access to some water at all hours of the day.

  • SUPER easy to use. Simply unfold the the tray and give the bottle a little squeeze and watch as the water releases into the plastic tray.

  • Nice 200ml bottle. Just flip to open and flip to close. No spills, no hassles, no problem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works for my two dogs!

I got this for my two dogs while we took walks. I like having it for them to drink out of during our breaks but for my heeler and pit bull I'd prefer a wider bowl. It works great and is easy to bring along with and store up. I think my dogs have no issue with it!

This bottle is great to fill and stick in my hiking pack

I do a lot of hiking with my dog and most of our hikes are in the deserts around my house. This bottle is great to fill and stick in my hiking pack. It doesn't spill while in my pack, and my dog can easily drink out of the bottom.

Went hiking with the pups

Took this with me to Acadia National Park in Maine, for the dogs. It was very much needed! I hate to have to bring bowls so this was very convenient. I just didn't like that I had to squeeze the bottle hard to get much water out. Wish there was a button or knob of some sort.

Must have for dog owners

This is a cool product, easy to carry when walking the dogs. I especially love it for the fact we just went on a trip and it was convenient to have both the water and a bowl to drink from all encompassed in one package.

I like the bottle

I like the bottle, but hated the color, because had no option to choose it and of course received the most awful color - pink. Also, I'd prefer a little wider design of the bottle and not too long for easier carrying (but that's my personal preference).

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