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PetComb™ - Multi-Function Beauty Vacuum Brush for Pets!

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"After using the Pet Comb for well over a month now, I can easily see what all the fuss was about. Not only does this thing really get the job done and work as described, but it is also much lighter than I had anticipated. Its light build makes it easier to handle, and boy does it really suck up those hairs. Since using it, my home is nearly hair-free and I don't struggle to remove those stray hairs from any one of my cats. I can honestly say that this is a necessary addition to every pet-owners utility closet."
- Chelsea O'Dowd
Cadgee, South Australia

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Looking for a quick and easy way to remove pet hair with just the push of a button? With this one spectacular device, you can groom and massage your precious little puppy or kitten while removing those unwanted hairs in no time at all.

This here is a brand new device that is specifically designed to make your everyday pet-care almost effortless. Equipped with premium quality bristles and a high-powered vacuum, you finally have a mess-free way of controlling those loose hairs.

Small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands, this device is not only super simple to operate but it is also incredibly easy to carry around and travel with. When you're on the go, simply keep it in your bag and have miracle worker by your side at all times!

And to make this device even better, each one of the built-in bristles are crafted and molded to be as gentle as can be. This provides your lovely companion with a satisfying massage while you rapidly suck up that extra hair.


Battery powered with no additional wires, this is not something you want to miss out on. And since this is such a must-have for pet owners everywhere, we are offering this for 50% off the retail price!

Grab yours now and begin experiencing utter convenience tomorrow!

Once you receive your PetComb, you’ll notice these

  • Extraordinarily innovative, the Pet Comb is a new gadget that is an absolute essential in everyone's household. The best way to clean up those aggravating loose hairs while providing your pet a massage they'll enjoy, this is one must-have device!

  • Thanks to its completely cordless construction, using this already simple product is a breeze. And if you ever needed to take it on a trip, you'll find carrying it and storage to be even easier.

  • Made out of high-quality quality ABS plastic, this handheld device is guaranteed to help you transform your home into something hair-free and nearly spotless for years to come. An incredibly reliable option, it's easy to see why this is a fan-favorite.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Best I could have hoped for. If you're looking, you can stop. Just buy this thing!

    I bought this with the hope of it doing a good job at removing dog hair from the seats on my car. It did SO well. I have four dogs, and three shed white hair that covers everything and shows. I love my dogs and I take them everywhere with me when I travel and to and from the lake all the time when I'm home so my car is a sight for sore eyes most days. When it does come time to clean it out, this thing with some damp paper towels will literally clean my ENTIRE car. It might take me a couple of hours, because I'm meticulous and and it's a fairly small machine, but this little thing sucks up anything you put in it's way. The rubber nubby end pulls out and moves all the hair into the vacuum like it's designed to. I've waited two months and cleaned my car out a total of 4 times with this and it holds up every time. I seriously can't go on enough. I tried something new the other day. After having just washed my bedding three days prior and having my dogs sleep with me each night since, my comforter was looking like it might come to life as a 5th dog. So I tried the vacuum on it. !!!!! No more having to take it off my bed (it's a king size bed, tucked into a corner of the room, it's not the easiest to remove and then put back on.) fluff it out and put it back on, and still have it mostly covered with hairs. Just a quick few runs over each area on the blanket and voila! Clean.

    10 stars!!!!!!

    This thing is amazing! I have 3 extra long haired cats that leave a trail of fur wherever they go. I've lived in this fur mess for many years and when I saw this vacuum I knew I had to try it out. ANIMAL PEOPLE YOU WILL LOVE THIS!! It works...and it works really really really good. The rubber end of it is a genius idea. It comes with two nozzels actually. The other one is hard plastic and has a thin tip at the end, I use this for vacuuming up litter that gets into small cracks which the normal size vacuum doesn't reach. This vacuum is literally the best ever in my opinion!!!


    We have three cats, and all of them shed at different times of the year, so it gets interesting. We have some old couches that we tried to revitalize with really nice suede microfiber covers. They looked wonderful! But...cats will be cats and sleep on the damn couch, even if we put tinfoil on there to deter them. I figured there had to be another way than spending tons of money on lint rollers!

    Kind of heavy, but gets the job done.

    However, it does work. I was a skeptic, but after a few minutes I realized that a lot of it has to do with the rubber attachment. It really grabs the hair out of the fabric and the vaccume does the rest.
    I was even able to vacuum a cashmere blanket that I usually send to the dry cleaners ($20 each time!) I'm thrilled with this.
    Whatever you do don't vacuum your dog, it doesn't work on pets. Its also pretty high pitched, my dog hates this vacuum's noise, but doesn't mind my shark vaccum.

    It Works - Great for Cat Stands

    Bought this to clean their cat stand which was turning into a gorilla. Was somewhat skeptical but this worked perfectly and easily. I uploaded the pictures so you can see it yourself

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