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Transformer Revolution™ - The World's Hottest Transforming RC Car!

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"My son had been searching for something like this for quite some time and was having little success. Then, we found this particular model and were pleasantly surprised by its wonderful reviews. After using it for a few weeks, I can honestly say that my son has fallen in love with this. Easy to control and a really smooth ride, this has definitely become one of his favorites in his entire collection. Its ability to transform is definitely a sight to see, too. Overall, this is something that I'd highly recommend."
- Debra C. Rose
Waterbury, CT

Grab your Discounted Transformer Revolution™ - The World's Hottest Transforming RC Car while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on! Once we reach 300 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $199.95 USD. 

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Acquire one of the most popular RC toys on the market today by purchasing this one extraordinary device. Specifically designed to drive at extreme speeds and transform into a robot with just the push of a button, this is an essential addition to everyone's collection.

This here is our brand new RC racecar called The Transformer Revolution. Beautifully designed and crafted to perfection, this high-speed device is proven to bring anyone hours of entertainment the moment you pull it out of the box.

Made with premium quality ABS plastic and metal, you can be 100% sure that your Transformer was built to withstand repeated use and take a bit of beating without every showing a bit of wear.

Completely wireless, this high-speed car has an incredible range of almost 700 feet. This means you can send this thing flying for extreme distances without ever losing a bit of control.

The included remote control is super easy to use and contains a special key that allows you to transform your RC car into an unbelievably cool 1-foot tall robot.

Once transformed, you can actually drive the robot around and intense speeds.

An absolute classic RC toy, this is not something you want to miss out on. And since we're letting it go for 50% off its retail price, there is no reason to grab one for yourself!

Once you receive your Transformers, you’ll notice these

  • An incredibly innovative RC toy that can transform into a large and beautifully designed robot with just the push of a button!

  • 100% wireless and capable of reaching an outstanding distance of nearly 700 feet, it's obvious why this is such a fan-favorite.

  • Made with the finest quality materials, you are guaranteed maximum levels of durability and a car that's built to last!

  • Thanks to its long lasting battery, you're given 20 full minutes to enjoy this high-powered race car.

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

Metamorphosis cars are small but my son likes it very much.

My son loves them.

My son loves them - easy to transform, surviving crushes throwing etc. typical stuff 4 year old do with toys

my son loves it

Taking too long for shipping, but my son loves it, so that’s not a big problem. Cars are small but cutie. Everything is ok.

This can be deformed the robot is really cool my nephew LOVED IT

This can be deformed the robot is really cool my nephew is a robot and the car is very loving people.I saw this on the Internet to give her.When you intend to buy a Christmas when he will be very like

Super Fun Toy for All Ages!

I got these for a gift but after getting them my girls wouldn't let me get them back. I think they're a great size and open and close well. My girls are almost two and love them (even though they can't figure out how to open and close them on their own yet). I can see this turning into a fun game for my girls in the future!

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