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TrendyTech™ - Wireless Bluetooth Music Player + Customizable RGB Light Bulb!

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"I wanted to get a really nice gift for my daughter but couldn't find anything that I just knew she would fall in love with. Then one day a friend of mine was talking about this thing here and I instantly knew that this was it. She loves music and is constantly blasting it in the house so I could tell this would be perfect. Once I installed it in her room she was fascinated with it and fell in love. She loves how she can control the color of the lights in her room now and absolutely LOVES the fact that she can play her music at the simple push of a button. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves music.
- Jack Williams
Lincoln, Nebraska

Grab your Discounted TRENDYTECH™ - WIRELESS BLUETOOTH MUSIC PLAYER + CUSTOMIZABLE RGB LIGHT BULB! while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 4500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $79.95 USD.

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Would you consider yourself a fun-loving person who appreciates a good time?

Do you also have a deep passionate love for music?

If this sound likes you, you may be interested in this fabulous new product that has just been flying off our shelves lately.

This here is the TrendyTech™, a Bluetooth music player AND light bulb that you just have to see to believe.

To be quite honest with you, this device may be so popular today because of its convenience.

How so?

Well, think about it. This has infused both a light bulb AND a speaker into one small handheld gadget.

Just imagine you twist this light bulb into your ceiling, and whenever you feel like using a speaker, instead of having to roll out some giant stereo that is just gonna take a space, you can (at the push of a button) have your favorite tunes playing right out of the light bulb!

All you have to do is connect the device to your smartphone with Bluetooth and voila, you’re all set.

How amazing is that?

And not only does the light bulb have a built-in speaker but it’s also completely customizable.

Once you order and receive your TrendyTech™, you’ll find both the light bulb and a remote control.

This remote is what will allow you to customize the light on your TrendyTech™ light bulb.

Who knows, you may even be able to host some pretty amazing parties since you now have a multicolored light bulb and a stereo that your family and friends can enjoy.

Once you receive your Music Player, you’ll notice these

  • A high-tech light bulb that is completely customizable and plays your favorite songs at maximum sound quality whenever you want!

  • Your order will come with a small remote control that will allow you to change the color of your light bulb with just the push of one small button.

  • The light bulb is completely wireless and Bluetooth compatible. Connect this with your smartphone and have yourself a blast!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    My daughter loves it!

    I saw this one day when I was playing around on the Internet and immediately felt like my daughter would love to have one. So, I went ahead and made my purchase and installed it in her bedroom and waited for her to come home. Once I showed her how it worked she loved it! She loves how she can change the colors whenever she pleases and she definitely loves her music so she will be blasting her tunes all day long with this thing. Great purchase!

    A great buy!

    As soon as I saw this I knew I had to give it a try and it has shown to be a great buy ever since. It was really simple to set-up and it actually a good stereo. It plays my music whenever I need it to and I love the little controller with the different color options. The whole thing overall adds a nice "fun" element to my apartment.

    Easy to install and use- Cool product.

    To start, I will tell you that I didn't expect fantastic stereo sound with thumping bass from these speakers- I think that would be unrealistic.
    Installation was very, very easy. I may have to turn in my "man card" but I actually read the instructions and they were pretty simple. Install the "Master" bulb like any other bulb and (I have an iPhone) go to your Bluetooth settings and search for new devices- the bulb popped right up and I paired with it. This brought up a pop up screen letting me know I needed an app to use the lights so I clicked on the provided link, installed the app and I was on my way. The app is extremely easy to use as you can dim the lights, turn them on and off and even control each light individually. The music is easy too, just turn the volume up to whatever you desire, go to your iTunes and hit play on whatever you want to hear.
    The speakers are fine for background music if you are having a party and you can crank it up a bit, but as I said, you are not going to rock your house with these bulb speakers, but they are not bad at all.

    Pretty cool technology!

    At first I was regretting purchasing this product. All I heard was a loud humming noise and if I had the lights too bright the music would sound choppy and it sounded horrible.

    This product was not made to be used with a dimmable switch which is what I had. I picked up a regular replacement light switch at the local hardware store and the humming sound went away and no more choppy music. Everything works great!

    The sound is excellent for background music during a party or get together. If you are looking for the speakers to replace your home entertainment system then you may be disappointed. The speakers are loud but the equalizer is not the best.

    I was able to connect my Macbook Air to the speakers via bluetooth even though it didnt have the Pulse app installed. You will only be able to control the main volume through it.

    Overall a great purchase.

    The lights are great and have speakers have a pretty good sound. Does not sound as good as most Bose products but taking into consideration that these are LIGHT BULBS they sound great. Those who primarily play club type music which requires a lot more bass will probably want to buy the subwoofer. I listen primarily to rock type music and these deliver all of the bass I really need. Set up couldn't be easier. My phone automatically connects to them when I walk into the house. The lights come on with the switch regardless of being connected to Bluetooth. When you have music playing and a phone call comes in it automatically pauses your music and WILL NOT play your phone call over the speakers. Music resumes as soon as you hang up the phone. Truly an innovative, high quality product.

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