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UltraTrap™ - Electronic UV Light Insect Killer and Pest Control Lamp!

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"Got this after hearing that it's scentless and traps insects better than any other product on the market. Now that the weather is getting nice I decided to get this for my front patio, which has become a swamp of moths, mosquitos, and an array of other insects. This device is perfect for a warm night without insects bothering you! The UltraTrap is lightweight yet fully functional. It works as described and gets the job done right. It's a quiet machine and it really is scentless, which is a plus because that has always been a problem that I had with these things. Overall, the UltraTrap works great, I will be ordering another one for my parents!"
- Wayne Oneal
Nash, OK 

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Looking for a quick and easy way to eliminate those annoying flies and mosquitoes without having to use a bunch of harmful chemicals?

The UltraTrap is a brand new electronic UV light insect killer that is guaranteed to fry those aggravating bugs in no time at all.

And not only that, it also allow you to continue relaxing in the sweet outdoors.

Unlike other older pest control lamps, the UltraTrap is environmentally friendly while still being incredibly effective.

Thanks to its powerful UV light, the UltraTrap lures in those irritating little monsters into flying into the machine, only to be sucked in with a fan and held in the compartment on the bottom.

Once trapped, they’ll increasingly become more and more dehydrated until they slowly collapse and die. Never to be found again.

The best thing about it all is the fact that it is completely scentless so you’ll never have to worry about funky chemicals contaminating your surroundings.

The UltraTrap is also super simple to set up and even easier to clean.

All you have to do is plug it in and hang it up. Seriously, it’s that easy.

And at only 3.5 pounds, you can hang this up just about anywhere and be completely safe.

After you’ve used it for a bit, simply remove the bottom compartment and empty out all of those yucky corpses.

Luckily for you, this compartment is large enough to hold a ton of wasps, bees, and mosquitos so you won’t have to empty it out very often.

Get your very own UltraTrap now and experience a world without little creepy crawlies buzzing your ear and nibbling at your neck.

Once you receive your UltraTrap, you’ll notice these

  • Since it uses zero harmful chemicals, this scentless insect killer is guaranteed to eliminate any and all bees, wasps, and mosquitos without ever harming your environment or irritating your senses.

  • A high-powered pest control lamp allows you to enjoy the sweet outdoors and decreases your chances of getting an annoying bug bite.

  • The strong UV light and motorized fan puts every last creepy crawlie in a daze as it lures each and every one of them into the torturous dehydration chamber.

  • The compartment on the bottom contains the insects and slowly dehydrates them until they reach their eventual demise. Its easy access makes it super easy for you to empty it out when it overflows with bug corpse.

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